Open call of contemporary art for Kuusisto Art Manor, deadline Dec 10th, 2020


standing alone – you might think so!
tied in place – the bias of the quarterly economy
incapable of communicating – yes, I don’t really use just internal internet!
carbon-producing – nonsense, wedge and bind it, position the future of breathing!
timber, paper, xylitol, nutrition – yes, yes, long-lasting raw material and material for the many several species
rot – the effervescence of a full life, giving the conditions of life to so many others

Euroopan kuusi ja kartano

We are looking for works for the summer 2021 exhibition that deal with wood, as an individual, living, aching, dying, decaying, completely dependent on other species and the immediate environment, communicating and regulating between species, also absolutely necessary for the survival of us, humans. Exhibition time July 7th – Aug 29th 2021. You may propose a single work or a large ensemble to be placed in several rooms and / or out, in the courtyard of the manor or in an old orchard.
We welcome proposals by Dec 10th 2020 to, your name and the (work) title of the proposal in the subject field of the message. Attachments max 5 MB.Priority will be given to works that have not earlier been on display. You can also participate with a draft. The election will be announced by January 10, 2021.

If you might think a solo exhibition related to wood, you can now suggest it also for the summer of 2022. In addition to the summer exhibitions, works can be permanently placed in the manor’s yard, old orchard and along the Kappelinmäki cultural trail. We can also offer large logs felled from the area as material for the works, and the works can be made on site.
Art Manor is a private, enthusiastic, ambitious gallery on the first island of the Archipelago Ring route in Kaarina, Kuusisto’s cultural-historical environment since 2013. Our goal is to bring contemporary art, old architecture and the natural environment on an equal footing. There are no exhibition fees. The artist is responsible for transporting the works, possibly insuring them and participating in the hanging. The artist pays a 20% commission to Art Manor for the works sold.

I will be happy to tell you more, please contact us

Merja Markkula,, +358 40 580 3901