Kuusisto Manor Garden

Kuusisto manor house has an old fruit garden where you can find apple, cherry and pear trees. There are 54 apple trees, 8 pear trees, a few cherry trees and some younger plum trees. The garden is surrounded by lilacs, hawthorn and hazzle bushes. A considerable number of old planted trees today give shade to manor house on a sunny summer day. You can recognize oak, elm and lime trees, some even from the 1780s. Most trees are though from the beginning of 1800s, e.g. lime trees on the alley to the castle ruins.

Kuusisto Manor fruit garden was in full bloom already in late 1800s. Oldest apple trees in the garden are about 100-150 years old nowadays. Many of the trees were planted in the beginning of 1900s. Some younger apple trees are from year 1992.  Partial restauration of the old fruit garden was carried out between 2010 -2013 when the Manor House was still a museum.

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