Kappelinmäki sculpture and nature trails

Peaceful landscape for pilgrimage. Multisensory experience. Art with nature and culture history. See, feel, taste, smell, take your time, hear silence, enjoy countryside. Slow down on the first and unique island of Finnish South-Western archipelago.

Kuusisto Art Manor has integrated the culture historically important surroundings to a unique experience of art, history and presence. You can stumble upon textile graffiti and dead wood sculpture by the road to Bishop’s Castle ruins and  Art Manor, on the nearby  Kappelinmäki (Chappel Hill) culture and nature trail and of course in Kuusisto Art Manor garden.

Lilli Haapala, Satu Haiko, Jorma Jalasmäki, Minna Jalasmäki, Another Green World, 2017
Sini Talonen ‘Unity’, 2019
Anrei Baharev, ‘Capricornus et Tarandrus’ , 2019
Kimmo Peltola, Teen sinut ehjäksi taas, 2014. First dead wood sculpture by the Manor House
Kappelimäki, view from hill top