I am responsible of the future of breathing!

I am responsible of the future of breathing! is a multidisciplinary exhibition of contemporary art. It is open from July 10 to August 29, 2021.

Artists Aino Ojala, Aino Ulmanen, Annika Kivi, Arja Maarit Puhakka, Caroline Ward-Raatikainen, Kai Ruohonen, Karl Ketamo, Liisa Wright, Mari Kopra, Paula Puoskari, Paula Suominen, Paula Vierikko, Pirkko Siivonen-Takku, Reijo Haukia, Saara Salmi , Samu Raatikainen, Sini Talonen and Terhi Kaakinen have their works inside the manor and outside in the yard, orchard area, along the Kuusisto Art Manor cultural trail and the Kappelinmäki nature trail.

The basic idea behind the exhibition is tree, and our dependence on trees – the tree as an individual, living, aching, decaying, dependent on other species and the environment, communicating between species, helping it’s offspring, material – and bearing our future.

Please visit us only if you feel healthy, wear a mask and – keep a safe distance!