Art Manor summer 2021 exhibitions

Kuusisto Art Manor is open between 22nd May and 29th August 2021.


Revelations from natural dyers exhibition is open from 22nd May till 30th June 2021. Curated by Matarat group

Art manor open only on weekends 22-23 May and 29-30 May 2021.

Opening hours Saturday 13 – 17 and Sunday13 – 19.

June- July

Revelations from natural dyers exhibition continues till 30th June 2021.

’breathing of future’ exhibition is open from 10 July till 29th August 2021. Curated by Merja Markkula and based on open call. Open call was looking for works that deal with wood, as an individual, living, aching, dying, decaying, completely dependent on other species and the immediate environment, communicating and regulating between species, also absolutely necessary for the survival of us, humans.

Opening hours Saturday 13 – 17, Sunday– Wednesday 13 – 19

Thursday-Friday closed


’breathing of future’ exhibition continues till 29 August 2021 .

Art manor open only on weekends 7. – 8., 14. – 15.8., 21. – 22. 8. And 28. – 29.8.2021.

Opening hours Saturdays 13 – 17 and Sundays 13 – 19.

Kuusisto Art Manor

Kuusisto Art Manor is a private art gallery, run by visionary and enthusiasm, in one of the oldest log houses in Finland. It is located on Kuusisto Island, close to the road to South-Western archipelago and to the ruins of the bishop’s castle. Kuusisto manor was a culture history museum until 2011. Since 2013 it has been a unique, multisensory meeting point for contemporary art, rich nature, valuable historical milieu and old fruit garden. There is no participation or entrance fee. Cash only in the cafe.

  • Dead wood sculpture & nature trails in the viscinity are open for visitors around the year
  • The Manor Fruit garden is  open for visitors around the year

Art Manor is closed for the winter season and typically open from early June till August. Opening hours Sat 1pm – 5pm, Sun – Wed 1pm – 7pm, Thu-Fri closed.

See visitor info page for details and contact information