Kuusisto Art Manor is a private art gallery, run by visionary and enthusiasm, in one of the oldest log houses in Finland. It is located on Kuusisto Island, close to the road to South-Western archipelago and to the ruins of the bishop’s castle. Kuusisto manor was a culture history museum until 2011. Since 2013 it has been a unique, multisensory meeting point for contemporary art, rich nature, valuable historical milieu and old fruit garden. There is no participation or entrance fee. Cash only in the cafe.

  • Kappelinmäki dead wood sculpture & nature trails are open for visitors 24/7
  • The Manor Fruit garden is  open for visitors around the year

Villikahvila Cafe – serving unique, local, handmade with smile

Art Manor and Cafe are open from June 2nd till August 4th, 2019 Opening hours Sat 1pm – 5pm, Sun – Wed 1pm – 7pm, Thu-Fri closed.

See visitor info page for contact information