Kuusisto Art Manor

Kuusisto manor is located in South-Western Finland, 170 km west from Helsinki and 17 km from Turku and Parainen. It is one of the oldest wooden manors in Finland, originally built for the colonel of the army and surrounded by unique old fruit garden. All the Eastern end of Kuusisto Island is culturo-historically valuable. Since 2013, the almost 300 years old log house has during summer months been transformed to be Kuusisto Art Manor with contemporary art, and the ‘Art work called Café’. Kuusisto Art Manor invites all visitors to experience new art, old architecture and history, as well as the beautiful local nature – again summer 2017. There is no entrance fee to come and enjoy four totally different exhibitions. The opening times have been changed to afternoon early evening hours.


  • Happy future is built on understanding the unique features of own cultural heritage.
  •  People belonging to a tiny language group and living secluded have got unique strength.
  • Science makes logical relations in the worlds of information and data, art opens new orders between knowledge, feelings and perception.
  • Art belongs to everybody. It opens possibilities to see in a different way, to get inspired and enjoy.