Kuusisto Art Manor

5th summer, four contemporary art exhibitions, cafeteria with local twist, 3.6. – 28.9.2017, 1 – 7 pm, Fri closed

3. – 20.6.  ajan lude  tilan kude   Miika Karttunen et al.  sculptures

24.6.-3.8. Ajankuva  curated, many art forms by 18 artist            

29.6.        Ajankuva guided tour with the artists 4 – 6 pm. Kaarina music week  evening concerts on Kuusisto Island, 6 pm in the old church, 8 pm harps at the Art Manor, 9 pm at the castle ruins. Guided walk from the castle ruins to Kappelinmäki to the new communal artwork at 10 pm, and further around the nature protection area back to Art Manor.  Exhibition and cafeteria open in summer twilight until midnight.   

1.7.          Pyhiinvaellus – Pilgrimage   event by Satu Haiko and Lilli Haapala.  Artworks  about boundaries and spaces, contemplating the meaning of sacred in the midst of nature.  Discussions, performance art, music performances, meditation walk in the forest to the works at Kappelinmäki Rotten wood sculpture garden, and keens for the forest.  More info http://metsanpeitossapyha.blogspot.fi 

6. – 31.8. Juhlamielellä   paintings and sculptures  by Kaarinan Taideyhdistys                                                                                                                            28.6. ‘light on’   events at the Kuusisto castle ruins, fipple flute concerts in the Art Manor at 6.15 and 7.15 pm, exhibition and cafeteria open in late summer darkness until midnight                                                                                                                                    6. – 28.9. Taiteen monta huonetta   paintings by human rights organization Kynnys ry et al.  


free entrance, guided art and history tours by reservation, only cash at cafeteria, www.kuusistontaidekartano.fi, www.facebook.com/kuusistontaidekartano     +358 40 580 3901    Linnanrauniontie 577, Kuusisto Island