A dream about a touch like Northern shadows asking permission to grow shorter

open call for art exhibition in Kuusisto Art Manor, Finland, EU, is open until Feb 11th, 2018

  IMAGINE  a better future

 fiber & textile art – artivism – craftivism – craft – upcycling


individual & global point of view – in fibers

Our skin, the largest organ in the body, accounts for about 12 to 15 percent of total body weight and surface area is 1.5-2m2. It distinguishes, separates, and protects us, also from pathogens and excessive water loss. It insulates, regulates our temperature, syntheses vitamin D and enables sensory communication by acting as a receptor for touch, pressure, pain, heat, and cold. We have a huge number of fellow micro-organisms on our skin


Are the messages on our pillow case transmitted to our thoughts? What is the role of chemicals in selecting our micro collaborators on the skin? Who selects my everyday sensations on the skin?

How much we remember via the fabrics? What is the role of fibers around us? Is the history of the closest fibers effecting our emotions via water ecosystems? How the itchy feeling via our skin is formed? What happens to our clothes and textiles? How much is enough? How precisely I want to see?


sow, weave, knit, felt, stitch, crochet, mingle and express in fibers (fiber referrer here as a language) – enjoy

Art becomes art by context. Artistic approach has always been a human basic need, way of communication, though sometimes hidden, a close sister to scientific ways of obtaining knowledge. In Aug 2018, the eleven exhibition rooms and old fruit garden of Kuusisto Art Manor are open for artists and visitors to approach all these questions via fibers and textiles. Some darker corners of the manor are suitable for works with light as a part of the art work.  Textile graffiti may be placed not only in the garden but also along the road.


Proposals for imagine a better future –exhibition should arrive to merja.markkula@utu.fi latest Feb 11th, 2018. They should include the name, size and materials of the artwork(s), photos, or a plan/idea of the work, cv and/or bio of the artist, and a short statement.  Works, max 10 per artist/group, may be two or three dimensional, preferably not shown earlier in Finland. Artists will be informed about the results of selection by March 8th 2018.


Artists are responsible of all the expenses of the transportation of their works, special hanging equipment, their travel etc. Insuring the works is artists’ responsibility. Pictures of the works selected to the exhibition may be used for publicity without prior notice. Commission of the works sold is 20%. Works should arrive Aug 6th – 7th, and be collected on Sept 14th 2018 in a common closing celebration. Works may also be sent back if specially agreed and mailing fee is paid in advance. Exhibition will be open Aug 12th – Sept. 14th 2018, Sat – Thu, 1-7 pm, Fri closed.


Kuusisto Art Manor is a private art gallery run by visionary and enthusiasm, in one of the oldest log houses in Finland. It is located on Kuusisto Island, close to the road to South-Western archipelago and to the ruins of the bishop’s castle. Kuusisto manor was a culture history museum until 2011. Since 2013 it has been a unique, multisensory meeting point for contemporary art, rich nature, valuable historical milieu and old fruit garden. Summer 2017 we had 5700 visitors. There is no participation or entrance fee



+358 40 5803901, merja.markkula@utu.fi, taidekartano@gmail.com, www.kuusistontaidekartano.fi, facebook.com/kuusistontaidekartano, Linnanrauniontie 577, 21620 Kuusisto, Finland


The only moment to make better future is now